Becoming a Math Genius!

Elementary K - 2

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30 Challenging Math Tests with Full Solutions
No Tutor Needed !!!
300 Exercises and Word Problems
Featuring Test Prep Questions for Kangaroo Contest, InView and CogAT Tests

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From Hating Math to solving Gifted Math Problems in a Jiff!

Our Math Tests will expose students gradually, from Basic Math Concepts to Contest and Gifted Math Levels.

Tests are structured in different categories based on their type and solving strategies.
There are multiple levels of difficulty and problems will be gradually introduced to students.
Our tests offer a consistent challenge and solutions in great detail.
The dashboard will allow students and parents to see the progress and score for each test and give the students the option to retake the tests as many times as they want during 90 days time frame.
A Certificate will be provided upon completion.

Start Early, Learn Strongly!

Featuring Test Prep Questions for Kangaroo Contest, InView and CogAT Tests

Our Math problems encourage independent thinking and stimulate the academic growth.
KLLEOS with its unique testing solutions, lays the foundations of higher level reasoning and logical thinking and creates a framework for success that will guide your child in the many years to come.
All kids can solve very hard Math problems if their brain is trained from early stage of life so don't wait...

New Tests Coming Soon!

For older students.

Klleos is an evolving Educational Platform that offers only highly valuable Math Content for students, in a testing format, without flooding them with filler content that most of the time overwhelms the students.

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Great Course!

Kevin Smith

Challenging questions for my daughter.

Challenging questions for my daughter.

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